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GLAM SLAM! (2018)


Glam Slam was an open-form performance art platform for the presentation of works that do not fit into the narrow frame of a 'theatrical performance', but still happen live in front of an audience. It takes place once every two or three months and its curatorial and production team varies and fluctuates. Glam Slam! examines the boundaries and dialogue between different types of performance, types that often belong to different disciplines: devised theater, experimental dance & body art, musical-theater performance, drag show, conceptual art and performance art, cabaret / burlesque, slam-poetry & hip-hop, interactive happening etc. But above all, Glam Slam! supports projects that have an exploratory and experimental nature, but generally lean towards fun/queer stuff than over-serious and existential ones. Four Glam Slam! showcases have taken place in 2018 and the project is continuing in 2019.

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