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further film showcases

‘The Poetics of Matter’, with Maria Vidali, Tinos, Greece, 2012, Link


‘Cross-senses’, Berlin, Germany, 2012, Link


‘Poesiefruhling’ Festival, Berlin, Germany, 2012, Link


‘For the Absurd’, Coo, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2012, Link


Prism, Sheffield, UK, 2011, Link


The Museum of Club Culture, Hull, UK, 2011, Link

Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth, UK, 2010, Link


Reworks Festival [as Chromata], Thessaloniki, Greece, 2009, Link


One Minute Festival, Aarau, Switzerland, 2008


A Perfect Drop, Victoria, Australia, 2008


‘Lament’ with Costas Bravakis, Megaro Mousikis, Athens, Greece, 2008, Link


Directors Lounge, Berlin, Germany, 2007, Link

‘Kinetic Fields’, Chisenhale Dance Space, London, UK, 2006

Athens Video Art Festival, Athens, Greece, 2006


"Home Made", 291 Gallery, Hackney, London, UK, 2006


Trampoline New Media Festival, Nottingham, UK, 2003

National Theatre of Northern Greece, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2002, Link 

IPSA Psychoacoustics workshop, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2000, Link

Lux Cinema, London, UK, 2000

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