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THE ABC OF FYTA (2018 - )

A series of (potentially) 26 thematic radio shows, one for every letter of the english alphabet. Each show introduces concepts, philosophers, poets and music projects whose name starts from each specific letter. In alphabetical order, FYTA re-examine and re-define the world of proper names. The ABC of FYTA heralds the coming of a new language; it is essentially a dictionary of pulses and pauses, a study in nominalism, a post-punk pilgrim, an educational radio program for the masses who struggle to understand the new reality of our times. From Theodor Adorno to Alenka Zupancic and from Aunt Sally to die Zwei, the ABC of FYTA will categorise an impossibly chaotic world of influences and contradictions. The project just reached episode 14 (N) due to FYTA’s living in different countries and so far remains unfinished.

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